Web Design

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Web Design


Before we even begin to think about designs and layouts we start with some very basic questions about who you are, what is your business and what do you want to accomplish with your web site.

Once we have answers to these fundamental questions we can begin to lay out a framework for meeting your goals. We can then discuss platform options, site features and capabilities as well as design considerations such as mobile capabilities.



Now that we have a roadmap for the site we can begin to sketch out some ideas for what the site will look like and how it will function.

We usually ask the client to send along URLs to any sites that they particularly like for their design and give as much input into the design process as possible.

The designer starts with page and interface mockups prepared in Photoshop. Once the basic design and layout options are agreed upon we move on to HTML mockups.



When the final prototypes are approved we begin the production process of creating the layouts, templates, stylesheets, database and other backend elements that will be the engine that drives your site.

We will have reviews with you throughout the process to ensure that we are always on track with your expectations and goals. On completion we launch the site live and provide you with the information and training you need to manage and operate your site on your own.

But we are always there to assist when you need help developing new features or expanding the site.